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Carol Burnett Lecture Videos
Jaime FlorCruz, former CNN Beijing Bureau Chief - 2018
Video: New Media: Old Dilemma; China’s Quest to Control Public Opinion.
Dr. Stephen Ward — 2016 Lecturer
Video of lecture: Realizing Global Media Ethics: Utopian or Realistic?
HPR: Interview on Hawaii Public Radio: The Conversation
Article: Summary of talk in Media Ethics magazine
David E. Chaplin - 2002
Covering The New Age of Terror - Anthrax, al-Qaida, and Ethics in a 24/7 News Environment
Lecture Transcripts:
Victor Merina - 2000
Reporting Across Cultures, Writing about your Own
Paul Lester - 1996
Lecture Transcript: Images that injure: Stereotypes in the Media
Deni Elliott - 1995
Lecture Transcript: Sources and Sorcery
Joann Byrd - 1993
Get Me Re-write: Conflict Isn't The Whole Story
Robert C. Maynard - 1992
Reflections on the post-Cold War era: The George Chaplin Lecture
Dr. Robert M. Steele - 1991
Courageous Journalism to both comfort and afflict
Everette D. Dennis - 1990
In Allegiance to the truth.  News, Ethics, and Split-Personality journalism
Howard Simons - 1989
The Business of the Prize Business
Eugene Patterson - 1988
It's the Plaintiff's First Amendment, Too
Elmer W. Lower - 1987
Journalism Ethics: More than tea - talk at 4 p.m.
Burton Benjamin - 1986
Is That The Way It Is?
Richard Smyser - 1985
Begin with respect for the reader
J. Edward Murray - 1984
Quality News vs. Junk News
David Shaw - 1983
On Arrogance and Accountability in the Press
Norman E. Issacs - 1982
Journalism's Barb Wire Frontier
Burnett Lectures/Archive
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